Biomass Boiler Service & Maintenance Options

Servicing From Myriad

Without regular care and maintenance, your commercial boiler may become less efficient, resulting in increased downtime and inconvenience by loss of heat.

Therefore, you need to ensure that your boiler system and ancillary items are serviced at the correct intervals to ensure the whole system operates as it was designed to do. 

A properly maintained biomass boiler system is essential for maintaining high combustion efficiency, maintaining the correct emissions and maintaining high reliability



Servicing HIUs
As with any renewable technology, your Heat Interface Unit (HIU) needs to be maintained to prolong its lifespan, ensuring you achieve a readily available source of heat and hot water for years to come.
Remote Monitoring
By installing a live remote monitoring solution that integrates into your biomass boiler system, you can easily track your boiler’s heat generation and consumption, allowing you to optimise your heating system and react quickly to any issue or faults.
Commercial Biomass Boiler Service
Your commercial biomass boiler heating system needs to be correctly maintained in order to save on your heating bills and make sure you’re earning your renewable heat incentive (RHI) payments.
Commercial Gas & Oil Boiler Service
Your commercial gas and oil boiler system needs to be correctly maintained. Doing this means you will save on your heating bills and makes sure you're earning your Renewable Heat Incentive payments.
Plant Room Service & Maintenance
Businesses need someone they can rely on to care for their heating systems and plantroom equipment to ensure system reliability and lower running costs.
Fuel Store Maintenance
All wood pellets contain some dust and fines, and these will build up over time. A high proportion of fines-to-pellets can cause problems and the likelihood of a breakdown, but undertaking some basic tasks every couple of years will ensure you always get the best from your biomass system.
Flue Cleaning
Get your boiler flue system cleaned and maintained to help prevent disruptive breakdowns and expensive repairs, whether in the plant room, on the roof or anywhere in-between.
We can provide Technical advice directly to you.
UK Coverage
Myriad have the whole of the UK covered with our nationwide network of in-house engineers, trained and accredited to work on biomass boilers.
Online Fuel Management
Live remote monitoring solution can interrogate your heating system to generate accurate fuel consumption data, enabling you to track the important information about your fuel system, including the capacity remaining and daily / weekly / quarterly consumption.

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