PV Monitoring

PV Monitoring

It has been estimated that less than 5% of PV systems are monitored. The Myriad live PV remote monitoring solution can interrogate your solar PV system to generate accurate data, enabling the accurate tracking of important information. This enables you to have a complete picture of the yield of your system and provide opportunity to maximise the yield.

If a single string on a commercial system were to fail this could cost the owner approximately £650/mnth in lost electricity savings [Assumes 50p/kWh grid cost]. This could go un-noticed for months but with our monitoring package we would have this back up and running with very little lost savings.

PV System Monitoring

Myriad can monitor your PV system on a continuous basis. In consultation with you we will manage all issues as they arise via the remote maintenance portal which provides you with the following benefits:

  • Notification of errors as soon as they arise.
  • Provide regular reports showing generation, faults, efficiency etc.
PV monitoring

PV System Fault Finding

Potential areas of failure we will be looking out for include:

  • Individual PV module breakdowns.
  • Lightning strike and severe weather causing cable and and/or glass breakage
  • Glass dirt/soot/pollen/bird waste build up or clouding.
  • Cable damage from pests or corrosion.
  • Inverter breakdowns.
  • Voltage surges causing electronic failures.
PV fault finding

Battery Analysis/Feasibility

Installing batteries can increase the savings as the excess energy normally exported to the grid during the day can be stored in batteries and usefully consumed whenthe sun isnt shining.

Myriad can monitor the process for existing installations and also analyse whether batteries would be a good investment to add to your existing PV installation.

PV with batteries

PV System Maintenance

It is important to monitor the amount of electricity your system is generating to ensure that strings and inverters are all working correctly.

There are a few things to look out for:

- For panels that are fixed to shallow brackets dirt can accumulate which will need periodic washing. (dirty panels produce up to 10% less kWh)

- Birds may choose to nest under the panels - bird guards can be fitted if necessary

- Other pests can chew cables etc which should get picked up by a remote monitoring system

  • Condition and inspection report
  • Advise if annual panel clean is required
  • Part replacement service, parts are free when under manufacturers guarantee
  • Technical advice and support on your system from experienced PV engineers available throughout the entire year
Dirty PV

Optional Extras to Your Live Remote Monitoring

There are a range of optional extras available to add to your remote energy management contract. These include:

Digital Inputs

Digital inputs from auxiliary boilers, fuel level sensors and other components can be easily connected into your remote monitoring package. Tailored alarms will notify you of their status in realtime.

System Reports

Individually tailored reports can be sent directly to you to update you on the ongoing operation of your biomass system.

Alarm System

With the monitoring system, you can receive instant notifications regarding the status of your biomass boiler and heating system.


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