Biomass Heating Systems For Horticulture

Growing fresh produce takes up a lot of energy.

Whether it’s flowers, herbs, fruit, vegetables or any other produce, your horticulture business is likely to be in a rural location, off the mains gas grid, thus limiting your options and leaving you with expensive and potentially unsustainable solutions.

This is where biomass heating for your horticultural business comes into its own.


Cost Effective Horticulture Heating Solutions

Expansive greenhouses take up large amounts of space so it’s important you’re getting the most from your heating solutions, ensuring your green houses are the correct temperature, the water is heated correctly for each crop, and warm enough for wash down cycles.

Wood chip and other biomass fuels are much more cost effective than fossil fuels with the added benefit of them being from renewable and sustainable sources. On top of this, using a modern biomass boiler to heat your horticulture business means that there’s no risk of poor emissions and air quality affecting your produce.

Combined heat and power gas systems (CHP) is an alternative to biomass for heating horticultural sites. Gas CHP systems are simple to install and operate and as they provide electricity and heat they can give excellent financial returns.


Ground Mount Solar PV for Horiticulture Sites

Glasshouses do not lend themselves to PV as the roofs need to let in the suinlight but if there is ground space available adjacent then they do make good sites as all or most of the electricity generated can be utilised on-site which gives the maximum possible electricity cost savings.

 For low-risk electricity generation, quick financial paybacks (typically 4 to 5 yrs payback)  and very long product warranties, the ideal solution is solar PV (photovoltaic). Generating your own electricity is a fantastic way of lowering electricity bills, reducing your carbon footprint and also promoting a more positive message for the surrounding environment. 

The PV panels are efficient enough to be able to produce almost 200W/m2, and unlike other on site generating plant there will be no space impact on the building itself.Being able to introduce cost effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable heat and power solutions is at the forefront of what Myriad do.

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