PV systems for generating electricity

Industrial buildings are perfect for Solar PV as all industrial buildings have a roof and usually all or most of the electricity generated can be utilised on-site gives the maximum possible electricity cost savings.

For low-risk electricity generation, quick financial paybacks (typically 3 to 5yrs payback)  and very long product warranties, the ideal solution is solar PV (photovoltaic). Generating your own electricity is a fantastic way of lowering electricity bills, reducing your carbon footprint and also promoting a more positive message for the surrounding environment. 

The PV panels are efficient enough to be able to produce almost 200W/m2, and unlike other on site generating plant there will be no space impact on the building itself.

Being able to introduce cost effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable heat and power solutions is at the forefront of what Myriad do.


Heating Systems for the Warehouse Industry

We know that heating huge spaces like warehouses and workshops can be extremely costly. This cost is even higher due to the industry’s reliance on heating oil, LPG or electric energy.

We’ve found that using a sustainable type of energy can vastly reduce the cost of your fuel/heating bills, whilst also reducing your site(s) carbon emissions.

A Biomass Boiler is a good solution for heating warehouses and workshops as it provides high grade heat, unlike Heat pumps which work better at lower temperatures.

Biomass boilers can provide the same output capabilities (temperature, pressure) as their polluting alternatives, providing you with a wide variety of end-processes. They can provide Hot air, Low Temp Hot Water (<100degC), Medium Temp Hot water (>110degC) and Steam for any process you may have.

We have worked on many warehouse heating schemes - using straightforward fan coil heaters directly in the work space and also more complex solutions, such as providing heat for the wider site including offices and other buildings via a district heating scheme.


Our heating solutions for warehouses

We work with several businesses who manufacture and process products, who wish to use the heat and hot water to sterilise their equipment, workspaces and also heat their site(s).

Because of the huge variation of needs within the industry, Myriad has developed a range of flexible solutions. Here are just a few:

  • AIRMatic Biomass Space Heater – This connects directly to fan heaters to provide a comfortable temperature in your warehouse or large spaces.
  • Heat Pod & Heat Hub – These come in a range of custom outputs and will not require any space inside your warehouse, as they stand independently and can be fitted for wood chip or wood pellet fuel types.
  • Custom Designs – Through use of our in-house design team, we can offer you a tailor made product for your specifications and needs, whilst applying our years of broad biomass experience and excellent 3D BIM Modelling skills.

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