PV Solar Energy Calculator

Calculate Your Solar Savings

Use this solar energy calculator to estimate the potential savings using a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system can offer you. By receiving a tailored estimate on fuel bill savings versus the cost of installation, you can determine roughly how long it'll take to payback that initial investment and just how beneficial a PV system could be for you.

Roof Direction

Please select the direction your roof slopes. North facing roofs can be effective if the slope is very shallow - please contact us if you have NE, N or NW facing roof so we can assess it for you.

If you have multiple roofs facing different directions, select the average, or most common direction, and please remember this tool is designed as a guide only and we can design your system in detail once we have your site details.

Roof Area

Please indicate the roof size you’re looking to cover with this installation.

250 m²
6000 m²

Current Electricity Price

For a more accurate indication of cost savings, use the slider to select your current electricity price in pence per kilowatt hour.

15 p/kWh
100 p/kWh

Roof Materials

The materials used in your roof construction can affect the cost of your installation. Select your roof materials by clicking the relevant image below.

low-angle-modern-house-roof Metal
low-angle-modern-house-roof Fibre Cement
flat-roof Flat Roof
low-angle-modern-house-roof Tiled
ground-mount Ground Mount

If your roof material is any of the following:
Slate, Ground Mounted, Flat Roof or Other, please contact our sales team for a bespoke price.

Angle of Roof

Use the slider here to choose the estimated slope angle of your roof.

10° = Flat/Shallow Roof
20° = Medium
30+° = Steep Roof



Use the map to click on your location in the UK.

We are currently installing in these areas:

  • South England
  • Midlands
  • North England
  • South Scotland
  • North Scotland

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System Size
Install Cost
Export Income
Annual Benefit
Carbon Saving

Assumptions: 80% of all electricity generated is consumed by the building. It is quite rare for this figure to be higher.
All other unused electricity is exported to the grid. You will be able to obtain an income for the exported electricity, calculated here at 10p/kWh.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that this calculator uses general industry standard rules of thumb. Please don’t rely on these numbers, we recommend you obtain a detailed assessment of your site from Myriad or another PV provider. Click the button below and one of our team will contact you.