Biomass Heating Systems For Education

Keeping the heating on at all hours of the day is normal for those buildings in the public sector. Whether you’re responsible for a primary school, secondary school, or other education environment, heating is critical.

But at what cost? Using traditional heating solutions can quickly become expensive and the price of fossil fuels fluctuates at an almost daily rate.

If you’re responsible for sourcing heating solutions within the public sector, you’re going to want to consider a biomass system.


Solar PV Panels For Education

For low-risk electricity generation and very long warranties, the ideal solution is solar PV (photovoltaic). Generating your own energy is a fantastic way of lowering electricity bills, reducing your carbon footprint and also promoting a more positive message for the surrounding environment.

The PV panels are efficient enough to be able to produce almost 200W/m2, and unlike other on site generating plant there will be no space impact on the building itself.

Being able to introduce cost effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable heat and power solutions is at the forefront of what Myriad do.


Heat pumps Vs Biomass

  • Water temperature: Heat pumps can provide heating water very efficiently but the temperatures tend to be lower than that acheivable from Biomass boilers. There are developments in heat pump technology to increase the temperatures but if temperatures above 70degC are needed then a Biomass boiler is really the only cost effective solution.
  • OPEX: Fuel Costs: The fuel costs for a wood chip biomass boiler are similar to the fuel costs for a gas boiler and a heat pump at between 3-4p/kWh. Wood pellet boilers are about 20% more expensive to run. 
  • OPEX: Service Costs: The ongoing servicing costs for a biomass boiler are more than those for a heat pump. These higher costs are usually far outweighed by the lower Capital cost of the biomass boiler system
  • CAPEX: A biomass boiler installation is approximately £500-750/kW installed, whereas a heat pump can bet between 700-£1,200/k
  • Low Emissions: The local emissions from a heat pump are effectively zero (as they are driven from electricity) although the total emissions are related to the grid emissions. The Myriad range of Biomass boilers do burn their wood pellets/chips cleanly and efficiently, which keeps the systems near to carbon neutral and produces very low emissions.

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