Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Consultancy

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Consultancy

Accredited by the RHI Scheme?

Myriad offer a range of consultancy services specifically designed to support clients who are accredited on the RHI scheme. Let us take care of all the number crunching and administration, leaving you to get on with your day-to-day business priorities.


OFGEM are now operating a zero-tolerance policy if claimants are found to be in breach of the regulations associated with RHI compliance, creating a real risk that OFGEM may stop your RHI payments.

Myriad can help with this and offer you a cost-effective service which may prevent your RHI payments being delayed or even lost.

If you are accredited on the governments RHI scheme, then there are a number of ongoing activities you must carry out to make sure your payments keep coming in. These include the submission of the quarterly heat meter readings as well as maintaining fuel records, ensuring sustainability and meeting the threshold for commerciality.

If the documents you retain and/or submit to OFGEM are not to their requirements, OFGEM have the power to stop RHI payments, and even claim back payments under certain circumstances.

The most common issues OFGEM find are:

  • Differences between schematics and “as-fitted” equipment on site.
  • Building and external pipework heat losses not properly accounted for in the application.
  • Heat meters installed incorrectly, or changes made and Ofgem not informed.
  • Inaccurate or missing fuel records.

RHI Amendments

If you need to make a change to your system, for example:

  • Replacing your boiler
  • Adding a building
  • Replacing a heat meter
  • Adding another boiler

then you will need to make a formal amendment to Ofgem. Myriad can take care of all this for you.


RHI Applications

If you need to make a new application, then we can undertake this for you.

We will:

  •  Assist in setting up an online Ofgem account
  •  Gather and checking of all essential documents for the application process.
  • Create a pipework schematic (for RHI purposes only, this is not a full mechanical/electrical diagram)
  • Undertake external pipe heat loss calculations (if required)
  • Complete the RHI application form
  • Answer any queries from Ofgem during the application process
  • Provide ongoing advice related to Ofgem processes

RHI Consultancy Support for You

RHI Document Submission

This is an annual Support Contract to administrate all the document submissions to OFGEM on a quarterly basis.

We will provide you with day to day support on the RHI to ensure you always meet the requirements of the RHI rules so you never find OFGEM have stopped your payments unexpectedly.

RHI Document Submission Service Deliverables

  •  Submit your meter readings to OFGEM
  • Provide access to our RHI telephone helpdesk should you need it
  • Provide an annual RHI income forecast at the beginning of the year and quarterly feedback on progress against the forecast
  • Provide a data storage service for fuel records to ensure these important documents are always available should you have an audit
  • Calculation and submission of greenhouse gas emissions (required for boilers >1MW).
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RHI Compliance Audit

OFGEM can audit your installation at any time and without warning. We now offer a dummy-run audit to ensure you are prepared for such a situation and don’t suffer any non-conformances and corresponding payment stoppages.

RHI Compliance Audit - Deliverables

During a Compliance Check visit we will assess the following:

  • Carry out a full inspection of the meter installation and location in the system to ensure they are fitted to the manufacturers guidelines and Ofgem regulations
  • Inspect all buildings, heat uses, all heat sources, external pipework and plant room layout to ensure that the site complies with RHI regulations
  • Review the documents submitted to Ofgem (schematics, HLAs etc.) and ensure the installation is aligned with them.
  • Analyse the fuel type, fuel records and the recording procedures to ensure they comply with all relevant regulations.
  • Check that site passes the test of being ‘commercial’. We will inspect all business invoices and other applicable commercial evidence relating to the operation of the boiler.
  • Write an independent report to confirm that the site complies with regulations.
  • Work with the owner and Ofgem to resolve any issues found (additional costs for this may be required).
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