Heating and Electricity Generating Systems For Farms & Agriculture

What farmers and agriculture businesses need are reliable, low cost and sustainable heat and power solutions.

Often farms and other agricultural settings are located in off-gas grid areas giving you limited options for heating.

For dairy and chicken farms or grain and produce settings, it’s the same problem. There is a trade-off between high running/low capital costs with oil and LPG against higher capital/low running costs with technologies such as Biomass and solar PV. However, prices are reducing such that the payback is often quicker than you might expect. Agricultural Biomass Boilers & Government Incentives.


Multiple Heating Solutions

Used for a variety of agriculture heating purposes, including underfloor, hot water wash downs for dairy farms, grain drying and fan coil units for large open spaces like storage or poultry sheds as well as other domestic and commercial buildings, the heating possibilities are endless.

Renewable fuel sources such as wood pellets or woodchips means prices remain much more consistent and don’t fluctuate like those traditional heating sources or oil and LPG gas.

Helping agricultural businesses make more money though these renewable energy heating solutions, Myriad also provides a range of solar photovoltaic systems, that can easily be installed to the roofs of farm buildings

You can view the full range of products suited to the agricultural sector below:


Solar PV for Agricutural Buildings

Agricultural buildings are perfect for Solar PV as all they have quite large roofs, unobstructed by openings and usually all or most of the electricity generated can be utilised on-site which gives the maximum possible electricity cost savings.

For low-risk electricity generation, quick financial paybacks (typically 3 to 5 yrs payback)  and very long product warranties, the ideal solution is solar PV (photovoltaic). Generating your own electricity is a fantastic way of lowering electricity bills, reducing your carbon footprint and also promoting a more positive message for the surrounding environment. 

The PV panels are efficient enough to be able to produce almost 200W/m2, and unlike other on site generating plant there will be no space impact on the building itself.Being able to introduce cost effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable heat and power solutions is at the forefront of what Myriad do.

poultry pv

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