Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin scheme

Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin scheme (REGO)

What is a REGO?

A REGO, or Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin scheme is there to provide complete transparency to electricity customers about the proportion of electricity that is supplied by renewable sources.

Generators, such as PV system owners, can obtain REGO certificates each year simply for generating electricity, and then sell the certificates. For each MWh a renewable generator produces, they can claim a REGO. So a 500kW PV system might generate 500 REGOs per year, which are currently worth approx £25 each.

Myriad can set you up to enable you to receive your REGO certifcates. Please give us a call if you wich to discuss this.

REGO application process

The process for a REGO application is as follows:

Register a 'Responsible Person' onto the OFGEM portal on the Renewables and CHP register.

Obtain all technical information from Responsible Person, including:

  • Commissioning report.
  • G99 witness test.
  • Electrical schematic/SLD
  • Total installed capacity
  • Declared net capacity
  • Capacity of export
  • Details of installed equipment
  • MPANs for any import/export meters
  • Dated electricity meter reads

We will then submit the application. Ofgem will review the application once submitted and may come back with questions.

Curently we are seeing Ofgem take 6months+ to complete the review process so an early application is reccommended.

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