Domestic Biomass Boilers

Your Gateway to Increased Savings & Added Income

If you live in an older property – or one that is off the mains gas grid – a domestic biomass boiler might just be your gateway to reduced fuel costs and a sustainable heating system. Burn wood pellets, logs or woodchips and satisfy all your heating and hot water needs.

Take a look at the domestic biomass boilers available to you below, or just drop us a line if you’d like further support.

Fuel Storage Options For Your Biomass Heating Project

Where you are going to store the wood fuel that your biomass boiler will burn is a vital consideration early on in your project.

Whether it’s a new-build project or a retrofit application, the amount of space and type of store you require for storage depends on the fuel type you intend to use, the fuel feed rate requirement of the boiler (calculated through heat load and fuel quality), any price or construction restrictions, location of the storage and distance from the boiler, and existing space on site.

To establish the best type of fuel store for your project best, give us a call and we can guide you through the design process.


Functionality To Look For In A High-Quality Domestic Biomass Boiler

Myriad have been supplying and installing biomass boilers for nearly 20 years. In the 2,000 projects we have seen we have gained a huge amount of experience that helps us see the perfect configuration of boiler and fuel store for every site.

We can help you select the right products but as a guide the list below is what you should look for in a high-quality domestic biomass boiler.

  •  Automatic heat exchanger cleaning
  •  Automatic ash removal, ash bins must be simple to remove and handle
  • Integrated controls that can be interrogated by the user whilst on site or remotely
  • High efficiency to get the most out of your fuel
  • RHI compliant – ensures you always receive your income
  • Robust product warranty – 5 years is available on some models
  • Compact dimensions
  • Wide range of fuel storage options that work within your building envelope
  • Good access to service engineer network

Myriad have a range of products to meet all these requirements. Fill in your details here and the Myriad sales team will give you a call to discuss your project.


Difference Between Biomass Fuels

Most biomass boilers run on wood chip, wood pellets, logs or briquettes. Others are designed to burn straw and hay bales, waste wood and shavings from manufacturing processes.

Biomass boilers work most efficiently when the appropriate wood fuel is used, in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. If the wood fuel is too wet (or even too dry), extremely irregular in size/shape, or from a low-quality crop source, the fuel feed can become obstructed or the boiler can combust the fuel at a much quicker, less efficient, rate. The best type of wood fuel for your biomass boiler should be discussed with your boiler supplier.



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