All sites need to apply to the DNO for approval for the PV installation

Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) are licensed companies that own and operate the electrical distribution network, ie the cables, transformers and towers that bring the electricity to homes and businesses.

Sites that wish to install solar PV must apply to the DNO for approval. The DNO will provide one of the following responses:

Yes - the system you have applied for is accepted

Yes - the system you have applied for is accepted but you must include export limitation equipment

No - the system you have applied for is not accepted but we will allow a reduced size installation...

It is reccommended that you apply to the DNO as early as possible to establish exactly what is allowed to be installed. After that a FIRM price for the solar PV installation can be provided.

Myriad can prepare the DNO application and submit this to the DNO for you. Please contact us if you wish to discuss any aspect of this.

DNO application process

Myriad will first provide a BUDGET price for the solar PV system to the client for approval. If acceptable the DNO application can then be progressed:

The process for a DNO application is as follows:

  • Complete a pvSOL system design for all the relavent buildings to be covered in PV
  • Produce a Single Line Diagram for the installation
  • Specify exactly the connected load (inverters)
  • Make the formal application to the DNO.

Curently we are seeing DNOs taking 8-12 weeks to complete the review process so an early application is reccommended.

The DNO will then provide either an unconditional or conditional offer. This offer is time bound, normally for 3 months.

DNO map

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