Buffer Tanks

We can offer a variety of sizes in buffer tanks, ranging from 1,000 litre up to 20,000 litres.

Are Buffer tanks always required for Biomass boilers?

Buffer tanks are often used with biomass boilers for a variety of reasons and although some biomass boilers work well without them we would recommend the use of a buffer when the system volume is quite small or if the demand fluctuates greatly. Incorporating a buffer tank into the system reduces the on / off cycling of the boiler. A high cycling rate will reduce the seasonal efficiency, increase the risk of condensation in the heat exchanger and reduce the boiler lifetime. Boiler cycling is analogous to driving your car in an urban environment (start/stop) or driving at a continuous speed, both are possible but motorway driving gives better fuel efficiency and increases the life of the vehicle. This is common knowledge and the principle is the same with biomass boilers.

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Custom sized Buffer Tanks.

In need of a specific sized buffer tank?

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Flanged-Buffer-Tank-Datasheet.pngDownload the flanged buffer tank datasheet by clicking the image.

Screwed-Buffer-Tank-Datasheet.pngDownload the screwed buffer tank datasheet by clicking the image.