Biomass Boiler

Fast and Efficient Commercial Biomass Boiler Servicing

Your commercial biomass boiler heating system needs to be correctly maintained in order to save on your heating bills and make sure you’re earning your renewable heat incentive (RHI) payments.

Myriad offers five different annual service contract options, each of which can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Myriad are an Accredited Service Partner of the following boiler manufacturers:

Myriad have engineers who have been trained by following boiler manufacturers:

We also service many other makes. If your boiler is not on the list above please do still contact us as we are continually developing our in-house skills.

We cover the whole of the UK

Myriad have the whole of the UK covered with our nationwide network of in-house engineers, trained and accredited to work on biomass boilers.

We Can Guarantee:

  • Nationwide network of locally placed skilled service engineers specialising in biomass and other technologies.
  • Service engineers equipped with the latest tools and equipment.
  • Rapid response and out of hours support available.
  • Technical support available over the telephone from trained and friendly experts
  • Huge UK stock of spare parts and accessories with rapid delivery.
Map of engineers

Biomass Boiler Service Contract Packages

You can select from three tiers of servicing and maintenance contracts. Please note that the details below are indicative. Our biomass service quotes are tailored to your exact requirements in terms of the Ariterm heating technology you have as well as the frequency and intensity of maintenance and support you need across your heating inventory.

  • Contract Type
  • 3 star
  • 4 star
  • 5 star
  • Bespoke
  • Boiler - Full ‘major’ service
  • Fuel transport system - Inspection & test
  • Boiler safety system - inspection & test
  • Travel costs included
  • Inspection of M&E items (boiler to buffer)
  • Boiler combustion check
  • Priority scheduling for breakdowns
  • Reduced labour rates for callouts
  • Water Quality Test
  • Heat meter check
  • Boiler - Interim ‘minor’ service
  • Technical call back
  • Access to technical support - Premium SLA
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Monthly maintenance inspections
  • Flue cleaning
  • Premium Service Level Agreement (SLA) on response times
  • Additional items to suit clients requirements

Myriad Service Types



Optimum biomass boiler performance and longevity requires one full service annually (or two if annual run times exceed 3,000+ hours.)


65 individual checks and tests covering
the full system.



We recommend an interim service annually to
ensure biomass combustion and emission
efficiencies are maintained.


Inspection and testing of major
components. Testing of combustion phases.



We recommended 10 monthly inspections per year between full and interim services for owners without a dedicated operative.


Visual inspection of the biomass boiler, ash bins, flue, boiler safety devices and fuel levels.

Additional Commercial Biomass Boiler Services


Boiler Combustion Optimisation

To guarantee your biomass system is operating efficiently, our engineers can check and amend the combustion parameters of your biomass boiler.

By cautiously running your biomass boiler up through each of the combustion phases, our skilled engineers will ensure your biomass boiler is achieving the most efficient and cleanest burn for your chosen wood fuel.

Additional Boiler Commissioning

Boiler Commissioning

Should you require an operational review of your biomass boiler, or you are introducing new biomass fuel, one of our trained engineers can attend your site to re-commission your biomass boiler, selecting the most appropriate boiler parameters and combustion settings.


Additional Operator Training

Should a trained biomass operator leave your organisation, or you would like more trained biomass operators to look after your biomass system, we can provide specific onsite operator training.

Our training engineer can train up to 5 individuals at one time, and will demonstrate the general operation and navigation of the biomass boiler menu, explain the operating instructions and regular maintenance checks, and show how to quickly clear faults and restart the biomass boiler.


Condition & Operating Report

If you are unsure of the condition and operation of your biomass boiler, or if the boiler has been inactive for some time, we can thoroughly investigate your biomass system.

Our engineer will take photos, collate data, measure issues and find faults. If we can resolve any issues found on site, our engineers will undertake the works in the time remaining.

If additional parts or more time is required, our engineers will submit all data to our Head Office and compile a brief report. This report will include a recommendation of remedial actions required and all costs involved.


Benefits of Our Service Contracts


Energy Efficiency

Optimises the biomass boilers performance, resulting in savings of up to 35% on running costs.


Meets all of OFGEM’S RHI service eligibility requirements to ensure compliance with the new MCS accreditation for Biomass Maintenance


Prevents boiler and system issues by being proactive and dealing with problems before they become big issues


Ensures the biomass boiler runs efficiently for longer by using approved, genuine parts.


Assures the biomass boiler is operating safely, by checking and maintaining all biomass boiler safety devices

Priority Scheduling

Guarantees a convenient date for the service visit and priority over non contract holders will be given should you need a visit for a breakdown.

Technical Phone Support

Provides quick and expert biomass boiler advice over the phone, from one of our experienced technical engineers, to resolve biomass boiler issues without the need of a site visit.

Spare Parts & Labour Rate Discounts

Delivers percentage discounts on spare parts and labour, depending of the service level option the client has selected.