Public Sector & Local Authority

Solar PV for Public Sector & Local Authority

Solar Panels for generating electricity

For low-risk electricity generation, quick financial paybacks (typically 3 to 5yrs)  and very long product warranties, the ideal solution is solar PV (photovoltaic). Generating your own electricity is a fantastic way of lowering electricity biils, reducing your carbon footprint and also promoting a more positive message for the surrounding environment. 

The PV panels are efficient enough to be able to produce almost 200W/m2, and unlike other on site generating plant there will be no space impact on the building itself.

Being able to introduce cost effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable heat and power solutions is at the forefront of what Myriad do.


Heating Systems for the Public Sector

We know that for any project in the public sector, it can be a challenge to overcome planning permissions and emission restrictions. Even more so now, as regulations change frequently and become even more complex.

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of carbon-neutral heating systems available to you including:

  • Heat pumps
  • Biomass boilers
  • Solar thermal

Myriad has worked alongside the public sector for many years, offering quality support and delivering frameworks to well over 300 public sector schemes.

The public sector is a varied and complex area, covering a huge array of businesses – that’s why it needs a reliable supplier, capable of doing everything under one roof.

We are on-hand to provide you with technical sales, design, finance, installation/project delivery, commissioning, project management and maintenance services. Through years of experience, Myriad can also help you make contact with wood fuel suppliers or even refer local authorities to our trusted partners.

Benefits of Renewable Energy in the Public Sector

Due to the ever-changing regulations regarding emissions output and carbon-reduction incentives, many businesses within the public sector are looking to renewable heating systems.

One of these options, perfect for any business within the sector, is: Biomass Heating.

Biomass Boilers, offer the perfect alternative to standard fossil fuel heating systems. They sustainably burn wood pellets and wood chips, helping your business stay carbon-neutral, whilst also saving you money.

The main benefits to consider are:

  • Low Cost: Biomass Boilers are usually far cheaper to run than fossil fuel alternatives, meaning you could see a fall in your heating bill by up 20-40, allowing you to invest the money saved into the public spaces where it is most needed.
  • Low Emissions: Because they are sustainable, biomass systems help keep your business carbon-neutral and are good for the environment. As green-energy is becoming more and more sought after, especially in the public sector – you can ensure your heating is aligned with your business’ ethos.
  • Renewable Heat Incentive: Biomass systems qualify for RHI funding, meaning you will receive regular government pay-outs for thinking ‘green’. Through these payments, you can see your initial investment returned on the boiler and then see further return for up to 20 years.

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