Biomass Boiler Replacements

Getting Your Boiler Replaced: What You Should Know

In 2018 the government changed the regulations to confirm that it is acceptable to replace your biomass boiler with a new one and continue to claim the same level of RHI as you currently do.

What You Should Know About A New Boiler

The new boiler does not have to be the same make or model but there are specific rules around the sizing of the new boiler relative to your existing, but we can help with that.

You will need to submit an RHI AMMENDMENT to notify OFGEM of the change but again, we can assist with that if you need.

Replacement Biomass Boiler Financing

Myriad have partnered with a funder who can finance the full works. These could include:

  • Purchase of the new boiler
  • Removal and disposal of the old boiler
  • Assembly and wiring of the new boiler
  • Pipework reconnection
  • Any upgrade works to the heating system that is required
  • Flue reconnection
  • Fuel store improvements or upgrades

The big advantage of this financing package is that repayments do not start until all the works are complete and you receive your first hi payment on the replacement installation. This means there is very little risk to you from delays that may come about from OFGEM.


Why Would I Consider Replacing My Biomass Boiler?

The reasons for the replacements are quite varied but could include:

  • Current boiler is very unreliable with frequent breakdowns
  • Faced with a very expensive repair bill , eg for a failed heat exchanger due to poor water quality or burnt out combustion chamber
  • Clients wishing to upgrade to a better-quality boiler due to having too many breakdowns and ongoing unreliability issues
  • Change of combustion chamber to handle more difficult fuels
  • Difficulty in obtaining parts and service engineers in good time


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