Particulate Filters

Baghouse Filter

The baghouse filter, also known as fabric dust collectors, is a dry filtration system used to purify air from suspended solid particles. Applications for the baghouse filter range from small household workplaces to large industrial facilities.

By utilising fabric filter bags or filters arranged in rows, they are designed to receive dusty/sooty gas from a process, capture the particulates and then exhaust the clean air.

Main advantages of the Bagfilters are:

  • Versatile and flexible for numerous applications
  • High efficiencies for PM collection, especially for small particles, down to 10mg/Nm3
  • Ability to collect other pollutants such as acid gasses and heavy metals when used in conjunction with scrubbing systems
  • Modular design for convenient assembly on site
  • Cost-effective
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Electro static Precipitation (ESP) Filter

An ESP is an air filtering device that uses electrostatic charge to remove dust particles. The electrostatic filter is composed by modular units connected each other thanks to mechanical elements and silicone gaskets able to tolerate high temperatures (up to 230-250°C).ESP technologies are widely used for industry applications such as biomass, coal, and waste incineration facilities. 

Main advantages of the ESP are:

  • High efficiency, down to 10mg/Nm3
  • Low maintenance
  • High temperature capacity
  • Advanced controls and software
  • Wide capacity reach
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Ceramic Filter

A Ceramic flue gas filter is an engineered air filtration system designed to remove airborne particles from the combustions gasses of commercial and industrial biomass boilers.

Ceramic filters offer much higher temperature capabilities, the ceramic elements are far improved and less fragile than those of 15-20 years ago and now come in a variety of diameters and lengths.

Main advantages of the Ceramic filters are:

  • Very high levels of dust removal, down to 2mg/Nm3
  • Quite robust and very simple to replace elements if required
  • Very high temperature capacity
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