Country Estates

The Right Heating Solution For Country Estates

Typically having high and continuous heat demands, stately homes are typically poorly insulated and require a herculean effort to keep warm and free from extensive damage.

What you need is a heating solution that can continuously heat your entire country estate, but that is cost effective, good for the environment and not likely to fluctuate in price throughout the seasons.

Country estates often have heating systems that date back hundreds of years, so it’s also important to find a solution that can carefully warm the age-old structure and fittings without having to undergo extensive building work.



Biomass & Heat Pumps for Country Estates

Biomass boilers and heat pumps can do exactly this.

Providing constant heating preserves the fabric and integrity of these historic buildings.

Biomass boilers and heat pumps are popular with sites which have diversified and become commercial, for example, where they have been installed to heat offices, cafes and visitor centres on a district heating network. 

View the full range of biomass and heat pump heating options for country estates below.


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