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For dairy and chicken farms or grain and produce settings, it’s the same problem. There is a trade-off between high running/low capital costs with oil and LPG against higher capital/low running costs with technologies such as Biomass and solar PV. However, prices are reducing such that the payback is often quicker than you might expect. Agricultural Biomass Boilers & Government Incentives
We know that heating huge spaces like warehouses and workshops can be extremely costly. This cost is even higher due to the industry’s reliance on heating oil, LPG or electric energy.
The residential sector is one of the biggest sectors in the world today, and therefore has a huge responsibility when it comes to renewable energy methods, as the world tries to move away from fossil fuels.
Currently, process heat accounts for approximately 30% of all fuel use in the manufacturing sector and there is increasing pressure to use more carbon neutral process heat supplies. Biomass boilers are already in widespread use within industry to provide heat during the industrial process.
Through years of experience within the sector, working with businesses both big and small we have discovered a pattern – nearly every poultry production site we have worked on has been located off the gas grid.
Hotels and Leisure
Hotels, leisure complexes, golf clubs and community centres are often ‘off-gas’, resulting in very costly oil/LPG bills – which are further propelled by the constant use of heating, at all hours.
We know that for any project in the public sector, it can be a challenge to overcome planning permissions and emission restrictions. Even more so now, as regulations change frequently and become even more complex.
Whether it’s flowers, herbs, fruit, vegetables or any other produce, your horticulture business is likely to be in a rural location, off the mains gas grid, thus limiting your options and leaving you with expensive and potentially unsustainable solutions.
Keeping the heating on at all hours of the day is normal for those buildings in the public sector. Whether you’re responsible for a primary school, secondary school, or other education environment, heating is critical.
With the current unpredictability of the gas and electricity prices there’s never been a better time to make the jump into investment in a renewable energy system for your commercial organisation.
Country Estates
Typically having high and continuous heat demands, stately homes are typically poorly insulated and require a herculean effort to keep warm and free from extensive damage.

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