Pelletfire Overview

LogWood Pellet

The Pelletfire provides a low-space and dual fuel solution for producing heat from logs or pellets with automatic switching between the two fuel types, with outputs from 20 to 40kW.

  • Pelletfire - Boiler Details


    The mulifunctional pelletfire is a perfectly paired combination of a log and wood pellet boiler.

    Due to the separate combustion chambers, the operation of the boiler can be switched easily between logs and pellets. If the buffer or heating circuits require heat after the logs have burnt out, the system is automatically switched over to the pellets.

  • Pelletfire - Fuel Transport

    The pelletfire unit works in a similar way to our other pellet boiler - the Pelletstar - meaning the fuel feed systems on offer range from a Manual fill hopper, a V-Profile unit or a Suction unit.

  • Pelletfire - Fuel Storage

    Bag silos, V-Profile silos, or block built.