MGK-2 130 - 300 Gas Condensing Boilers Overview

MGK-2 130 - 300 Gas Condensing Boilers
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The MGK-2 130-300 boiler range from Wolf offers exceptional performance with a small footprint and robust construction.  There are five models in this range, the 130, 170, 210, 250 and 300 with rated heating outputs ranging from 118 - 275kW.  The sister range 390-630 offers higher rated heat output performance of up to 625kW.

  • MGK-2 130 - 300 Gas Condensing Boilers - Boiler Details

    The MGK-2 130-300 boiler from Wolf offers exceptional performance in a small footprint.

    Full list of features of the MGK-2 130-300

    • Modulating output 17–100 %,
    • Highly compact dimensions, minimum appliance width for handling through 80 cm doorways
    • May be combined with BM-2 programming module of AM display module
    • Spread via external heating circuit pump integrated in the control unit. The spread control optimises the utilisation of the boiler's condensing effect and minimises the power consumption of the boiler circuit pump
    • Slot at the back for pallet or forklift truck forks to facilitate handling
    • Serviceable exclusively from the front and right. Boiler may thus be places directly against a wall with rear and left side.
    • Heat exchanger made from proven aluminium:silicon alloy; fully insulated
    • Cascade control of up to four gas condensing boilers provides an output range of up to 2.5 MW
    • No return temperature raising facility or minimum water circulation required
    • Easy, quick installation thanks to pre-fitted thermal insulation and casing; ready for hydraulic and electrical connection
    • Very clean combustion, high standard seasonal efficiency [to DIN] up to 110 % (H i [gross cv]) / 99 % (H s [net cv]) for the best possible energy utilisation
    • Neutralizer kit with booster and condensate rising facility may be integrated within the casing
    • Communication via smartphone, laptop or PC possible through LAN/WLAN module ISM7i
    • 0-10V input for building management systems,
    • Fault signal output 230V
    • Sensor for header may be connected
  • MGK-2 130 - 300 Gas Condensing Boilers - Fuel Transport

    The MGK-2 range is fuelled by natural gas





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