Herz Firematic (20-499KW) Overview

Herz Firematic (20-499KW)
Wet Wood ChipWood Pellet
The Herz range of Firematic single phase biomass boilers has now been extended and covers outputs from 20kW to 499kW, all of which are exempt from the Clean Air Act in England.

The Firematic is the smaller of the Herz biomass boilers suitable for both wood chip and wood pellet fuels. This boiler gives outputs from 20-499kW. The boiler also incorporates the interactive T-Control panel, giving you a handy view of boiler operation from smart phone, tablet or PC at any time.

With the step grate combustion chamber, the Firematic can handle a variety of wood chip types (as well as wood pellet) as the grate handles the fuel over a period of time. This allows the fuel to combust as it moves across the grate, allowing for a variety of fuel moistures to burn over time.

Herz has recently launched the 499kW Herz Firematic, now the smallest 499kW biomass boiler in the world.


  • Herz Firematic (20-499KW) - Boiler Details

    This boiler range comes with two body types: the smaller 20-60kW outputs feature a single front door and outputs from 80-499kW have double front doors (plus an additional ash bin). Stepped grate combustion and self-cleaning cuts down maintenance needs while the automated ash removal system means ash can be easily dealt with.

    Key features include:

    • Energy saving power engineering
    • Simple operation
    • Constant high level of efficiency
    • Low usage of space
    • Automatic cleaning of the combustion chamber and the pipe heat exchanger
    • Various discharge systems for fuels
    • No fireclay – therefore fast responding
    • Remote maintenance/visualisation


  • Herz Firematic (20-499KW) - Fuel Transport

    Boilers up to 201kW can have a vacuum fuel feed system or flexi auger. All boilers can fit a rigid auger and use rotary or screw agitators.

  • Herz Firematic (20-499KW) - Fuel Storage

    The Firematic is suitable for use with a purpose built fuel store, bag silo, prefabricated fuel stores (silo, hopper and hook bins), and v-profile fuel store – ultimately this can be tailored to each site.





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